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How can mass messaging system assist the text message marketing companies & other organizations? Global SMS solutions nowadays are not entirely limited to mass SMS messaging only. It is a full arsenal of business telecommunication solutions, including HLR, API integration, instant messaging or partnership tools, etc.

Applications for mobile text messaging becomes one of the most popular send text solutions for smart phones. Our platform for sending both information & promotion messages for both publishers & advertisers is the best way for automated texting, increasing your business advanced functionality, improving mobile messaging marketing, and, as a result – high conversions. In an easy, friendly manner and by means of its key services, our platform is the best SMS marketing platform.



Checking the mobile phone activity status, roaming, porting and operator identification.


Launching massive single advertising messages and informational SMS to subscribers according to the client's database.


API integration with the third-party services or different libraries of programming languages.


Real-time analytics with each message detailing as per the country's and percentage of delivery statuses.


Coverage throughout the world and in every country. All top SMS aggregators from each region, approximate value of which is 200+ are connected.


Creation of a partner account, which, allowing you to register and fully administer your own clients on the basis of our platform and your link.


Creation of scheduled messaging at convenient date & time. The ability to add our link in the message body, clicking on which, the client may refuse to receive such content further on. We always welcome comments and client suggestions and are ready to add the proposed functions if any.

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Need to use text systems for business? With WTC text services for business to understand the ABCs and get down to work asap will be easy and much of fun.

Text messaging services for business like this are well-adjusted for the user and highly-staffed by experienced specialists. To dial the contact numbers or email your manager is easy. Highly qualified services will assist with the profitable tariffs, provide you with the current shares, discounts for both regular and new customers and answer the questions if any.

The top priority of WTC mobile text messenger is making your marketing extremely effective.

Our fast, easy, & powerful SMS marketing platform is an ultimate solution for launching massive SMS campaigns. Web based text messaging service key advantages:


Our platform is totally secured, so you can collaborate with the company you can trust to. All data is stored and protected by the cutting edge cloud technology.

Adaptable for everyone

Take advantage of our SMPP Gateway and a powerful API integrated platform. No extra software needed. Easy and direct guidelines are attached for you to get integrated faster.

API integrated

Take advantage of our SMPP Gateway and a powerful API integrated platform. No extra software needed. Easy and direct guidelines are attached for you to get integrated faster.


Having global direct connections with trustworthy routes, we offer reliable & stable connections with the proven deliveries. Stable support is added.


Alongside the global coverage and reliable routes, API integration and th overall affordability, you are able to track your campaigns and look through reports and analysis.

Simple Price-based

Our platform is 100% free to use. No monthly fee. Tariffication based on the service used only. There is no setup/onboarding fee.


With our platform you are able to benefit from your publishers, providing them with the proven services you’ve tried yourself. By means of using trustworthy and secured service, you may control your publisher’s activity, as well as trace the record, etc.

SMS bulk marketing is inextricably linked to communication and SMS mass texting. You can be a real professional in your business and offer the best services globally, but you will lack an effective company texting service for reaching the maximum ROI heights if you do not find a way to inform your potential customers of what you’ve got.

If you are an advertiser, the key benefits are:

Minimum time required
Availability 24/7 all year round
On point mobile marketing SMS
High read ratio
Good conversion rates
Brand positioning and so much more

By choosing convenient mobile SMS marketing providers, you get a highly effective automated texting system for generating leads and boosting your sales asap. Start it right away!


Even telecommunication tycoons need reliable partners. Nowadays a huge number of business organizations prefer text messages in corporate purposes. Using trustworthy connections and reliable routes from a known company SMS service is an absolute privilege for your marketing strategy and keeping up with the times. This gives your organization a competitive advantage in the struggle for a new generation of both customers & partners.

With our platform you are able to acquire our priceless experience & knowledge, supported with the full fledged functioning platform with the global coverage and more than 200 suppliers at your disposal worldwide. WTC are true Mobile Marketing experts, aware of the global market, the whos and wheres of the industry, consulting the clients for getting explosive ROI.

If you are a publisher, the key benefits are:
Flexible platform texting platform
Instant delivery
Simple opt-in & opt-out
High open rate
High conversion rate
Unlimited potential, etc


You are always welcome to tune into business with the latest SMS messaging publications at our blog.

Getting Started

WTC automated text message platform is a full fledged text messaging service and a powerful SMS text marketing tool for sending bulk SMS and text alerts to the right clients in the right time automatically. Being safe and fast, it provides the most targeted communication worldwide. Since, text SMS service has 99% open rate and is able to reach about 50 million users all over the globe, opt in to receive SMS solutions for business right away. With WTC business mobile messaging solution by your side, your messages will hit the right addresse in the right time and place.