How to Double Your Sales by Implementing SMS Marketing?

What do you usually do to improve your business? Introduce new sales techniques or traffic channels? If so, then you definitely need to think about SMS marketing and mobile promotion methods.

The truth is that modern people, including your target audience, no matter it is, often use their  mobile devices, too often. And for multiple purposes. Much too much. It is easier to get a device out of your pocket and use the Internet or write a message than to call, it’s common.

Agree that modern technology greatly simplifies intense modern life. According to research, about 40% of buyers make purchases online via the phone globally. These are mobile versions of selling websites, applications for smartphones, SMS marketing platforms or simply communication chats with the managers in instant messengers, etc.

It will be quite foolish to deny that ignoring mobile marketing doesn’t cost you anything. Regardless of the characteristics of your target audience, most of it truly uses mobile devices much more often than their computers. In some businesses, this part reaches 50%. This means that by implementing such a tool as SMS marketing platform you increase sales 2 times.

SMS text message marketing: what’s that for?

According to statistics, about 40% of purchases on the Internet occur through mobile versions of sites or mobile applications. In order not to lose this lion’s share of customers, it is necessary to get acquainted with such a thing as mobile marketing via best SMS marketing platform.

Today, mobile marketing has become a separate direction in international SMS marketing, where the main thing is a personalized approach and help to each client.

So, SMS advertising via mobile is one of promotion tools that are implemented with the help of mobile communication and mobile devices in contrast to classic or old-fashioned corporate marketing.

Advantages of mobile SMS marketing:

  • the ability to gain access to more users than using ordinary Internet marketing;
  • relatively low cost per contact;
  • aim for selling;
  • personalization, etc.

In order to succeed with a specific tool for promoting via mobile devices, you need to do such SMS marketing solutions:

  • Identify the target audience of the product and company;
  • Determine what proportion of your target audience uses mobile communications, mobile applications, uses QR-codes and so on;
  • Determine the budget of the advertising campaign;
  • Launch your marketing SMS campaign through a chosen mobile platform.

Mobile marketing has long gone beyond the boundaries of ordinary SMS messaging, although they are the major component of any advertising campaign, indeed, but in a different form.

Why SMS text marketing?

Modern time messages are a powerful mobile marketing tool. Companies may double their profits while using simple SMS. However, those should be personalized letters with the value added content. Messages of a purely advertising nature are no longer interesting to anyone.

As a mobile marketing tool today, top SMS marketing providers offer SMS as a reliable channel for business communication in complex with other promotional ways like instant messengers, social media, etc.

It is important to generate the messages individually for each user, taking into account their needs, interests and other data of potential customers. Personalized things are better accepted by the customers and a better respond is found as the result.

Basic rules of SMS text marketing:

1. Send only helpful information

Your SMS recipients should mark your SMS as read and keep in their minds to do what’s offered immediately. Welcome with your CTA. Nobody likes meaningless spam. If your service does not make the consumers benefit, do not bother them without a serious concern.

2. Send thoughtful SMS content

That means that you shouldn’t confuse your customers, neither should you cheat on them. It is not appropriate to indicate complicated schemes of cooperation or blurred facts, unclear instructions and so on. Be as laconic as possible, as well.

3. Use appropriate tone of the voice

Use the language that is understood by your target audience. Sending a message full of slang, to wrong people, is risky. Do not experiment with your target audience much.

4. Аccuracy is your everything!

It goes without saying that the information, indicated in SMS, should be clear, precise and completely well-adjusted for a particular customer. No complex structures or ambiguous content allowed.

5. Time’s money

Do not ignore strict timing for your SMS text message marketing. Track the time when you receive SMS, while sending messages and keep in mind that the daily SMS traffic can be very large and your message may be arrived with a delay. The same’s with your potential customers. So, always indicate a strict time frame for your offer.

When you follow the basic rules, you save your time and efforts twice. And double sales, as well. Instead of pure bulk SMS advertising, you can also try SMS in a combination with the other communication channels.

Top cases for SMS advertising

Since SMS marketing is an effective tool in the promotion of any product, brand, service, there are several useful cases when you can apply top SMS marketing solutions for boosting sales in a range of business domains. We offer an effective system of communication with the client: notification of customers or partners about the new products, promotions, new price offers, status of their current business affairs, etc.

SMS marketing is used with the high efficiency in many spheres of activity of small, medium and large business. Let’s see how


For both insurance company promotions and sales boost, SMS is a perfect way to succeed:

  • SMS can inform your customers about the expiry date of their policies,
  • You can quickly notify your agents about the new products release,
  • It is possible to inform the insurance agents about the variety of changes asap with the help of cheap SMS marketing.

Car sales

SMS for car dealers promotion and any other automotive business will be a perfect solution:

  • SMS reminders on the next technical inspection, etc.
  • SMS notifications of scheduled visits,
  • SMS invitations for a test drive of a new car model, etc.
  • Congratulations with a birthday, etc.

Finance structures

SMS will be a powerful tool for any business connected to the financial operations:

  • SMS can inform customers about any fund updates,
  • It reminds of the loan repayment,
  • SMS is helpful with the transactional informing, etc.

Supermarket network

  • SMS helps increasing the number of visitors when they learn about discounts,
  • SMS distribution helps with informing on the openings/liquidations, new sales outlets, etc.
  • SMS distribution will inform loyal customers.


  • Price change policy,
  • New arrivals,
  • Reservation of rare medications,
  • SMS newsletters will inform your sales representatives and partners about new bonuses for new medications and so on.

Clubs, cinemas & other entertainment spheres

  • Opening of new centers and clubs via simple SMS,
  • Events for the weekend and holidays,
  • Thematic events, pre-parties,
  • Pre-holiday sales and other promotions.

Of course, this is not the whole list of the top SMS marketing cases that may be successfully realized via the mass SMS marketing. SMS marketing application is practically limitless.

How you double your sales? You send an SMS message after registering an account, and order an SMS message from our company direct.

If you want to expand your customer base, or if you do not have your mobile number base, after registering, you simply get access to multiple existing users from the niche databases, deliberately worked out by the market specialists over the years of successful expertise in bulk SMS messaging for sending your niche SMS.


How to Double Your Sales by Implementing SMS Marketing?
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