How to Make Effective SMS Campaigns via Global SMS Provider?

In order to make successful marketing campaigns, and the business – strive, each company should work out a huge subscriber base first. The point is that the legal contact base of the services adverts is a primary task to do, and the grateful sales power, too. You cannot force your clients to be your clients, unless you know effective SMS solutions.


SMS provider & benefits of SMS marketing


No matter whom you appeal to: wholesale SMS provider or retail, local or International SMS provider, thanks to their advantages, SMS texting with the number of parameters becomes the most promising from all the existing advertising channels. Why? SMS-messaging is an obligatory tool for a modern marketer. It goes without saying because more than 90% of recipients will read the messages. Neither radio, television, nor the Internet provides such a contact with the users and focus on their needs. I addition, mobile phones, nowadays are even more popular than computers and TV sets altogether.


  1. Undeniable advantage of SMS is the possibility of sending a message to the recipient’s mobile phone as a supplement to newsletters. In this case, the advertiser is chased as a sponsor of useful information, and the impact of the message on the consumer, in theory, should be higher than average.


  1. SMS marketing allows you to quickly deliver information to any number of people and provide feedback. This tool can reach as much target audience as TV, but it remains a cheaper channel of communication with consumers. Besides, it is inbound and seems to never alienate people like outbound marketing does.


  1. SMS can be used in any business. For example, if you need to organize promotion and invite many people: from several dozens to several thousands people, it makes sense to hire an SMS campaign provider and order notification services along with the usual invitations via printed media.


  1. Modern SMS technology allows you to insert the name of the company-customer instead of the sender’s number. Alphanumeric Name is a powerful tool for establishing brand awareness. In order to use the trademark or a users phone number, it is necessary to provide supporting documents and abide the law, because the work coordination is carried through SMS provider company.


How to make your SMS readable?


The most important thing about bulk SMS is its reading index. In 90 % out of 100, SMS is read by the user within 3 first minutes after receiving. This makes it a powerful marketing channel.

The effectiveness of this advertising channel directly depends on the thorough marketers study or/& sales managers’ assistance who are deeply aware of the client interests & the formulation of the proposal. No way for the blind SMS messaging because out dated approach to messaging (spam, abusing content, etc.) is no longer welcome and will not provide you with a positive result. So, approach the process of mass messaging as well planned and quite up to date. Be always curious what’s up at your competitors.


In addition, mind that the contact cost in the absence of your target audience identification is excessive and literary nullifies the economic sense of SMS messaging. And an experienced marketing director or/and sales, engaged in SMS, realises that. So, clearly identify your target audience first and only after that pass over to composing you advertising message. Besides, there are certain message requirements you should know to succeed with your SMS messaging provider:

  • indicate the company contacts for immediate feedback,
  • provide unsubscribe options anyway, which allows the subscriber to subsequently refuse to receive messages by contacting the advertiser directly, instead of complaining about the mobile operator.
  • you must add to SMS advertising text (CTA, immediate value, other value added content like discounts and individual offers, etc.) and, thus, send specific messages for a particular person or a group of users.
  • make pauses between SMS campaigns, the frequency of messaging depends on particular product or service demands.
  • work out the database of consumers.

The company’s specialists should always monitor the relevance of their client base, promptly responding to any requests of consumers for subscription, updating their personal data or processing queries via support services, etc. The above mentioned requirements have a big impact on the messaging result and will not only improve the effectiveness of messaging, but also increase response in 2-3% averagely.


What’s your target audience?


To define the target audience goes prior to everything. If you go wrong with the target audience, you may fail with your SMS messaging campaign.

Is it more useful for a regular or potential customer to get SMS messages? Here, the expert views may vary. On the one hand, it is more appropriate to inform the already existing customers, encouraging them to re-purchase, rather than newcomers who can hardly be taken into the budget calculations.


Another point of view states that it doesn’t matter who receives advertising SMS, a regular client or a potential one. The main thing is that this message should be well-adjusted=personalized to meet the needs of the addressee.

The main thing, however, remains the customers base. The recipients of your SMS will be both the regular customers, and the new customers that, however, have absolutely voluntarily subscribed to your services.


By completing the application for participation in the program, each buyer should have a convenient way of obtaining information. In the future, if necessary, he/she can change it, refusing or, conversely, subscribing to newsletter.


For a fruitful cooperation and effective SMS campaigns via global SMS providers, always provide your customers with all the best opportunities – from free access to your contact center or adjusting personal settings, to any other benefits of your network.


Also, feel free with your ideas!

How to Make Effective SMS Campaigns via Global SMS Provider?
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