SMS Reseller White Label Marketing Rules

According to the latest research, each of us receives about 5-10 advertising SMS-messages per day, and this is an average index which may vary dramatically. However, most of them are simply ignored by the users. How to fix that? Simply, to work with the professional white label SMS platform only. No matter you are a business or an individual, to profit from SMS is always an option. Every day the flow of information messages becomes more and more tense, which can not be said about the time and desire of a person to respond to this message flow. Let’s’ view some ways how to improve conversion from SMS texting quickly and efficiently.

Our mobile text marketing reseller program offers you the following 6 rules to come up with the new effective advertising messages or supplement the existing ones, so that to increase the response rate from white label SMS marketing up to 80%! Here we go.

1. A useful button

An experienced aggregator is aware of how the relevant button is important for understanding the whole SMS service usage by any user. Successful sales via SMS are only then possible when to find and click on the desired button is as easy as hell. There is no need to make the users’ life even more complex. Unfortunately, with the help of SMS-messaging it is impossible to send the button barely, but, inserting the information which indicates where to link to press is twice easier than elsewhere.

2. One action per message

Trying to save money, many companies tell everything at once. Do not use two or more CTA, links, or buttons in one message. For example: “Bicycles from 300$, bikes from 700$!” The effect of such a campaign will not be worth time, money & efforts spent.

3. Staying laconic

No longer a secret that it’s strongly recommended avoiding superfluous speech and unnecessary words, incongruities and so on. Do not use watery texts: the advertising SMS message should be short, concise. Besides, the number of characters allowed in SMS is very limited. So, the client should not get confused by your offer. Moreover, your clients do not have time to read long texts.

Moreover, it is recommended to use your CTA as closer to the beginning of the message, as possible, since there is the following rule about targeting.

4.  Right targeting

If your company owns a loyal customer base, you will probably know all your customers by their names, and to choose appropriate bulk SMS affiliate program will be a real pleasure.

Psychologists have long known that a person’s favorite name is his/her own. Therefore, it is more likely that Mr. Baker pays attention to a message addressed directly to him, rather than some generally addressed texts. «Mr. Backer, bicycles from 300$, specially for you. Today only!» will be much better. Don’t leave your Mr. Baker indifferent!

5. Client focus

The client is always right and is in the first place. Successful will be the company, in which the client is in the first place! First — clients, after — money. Psychologically, the client will vote for us only when he receives from the business a little more than he expected to receive for the money spent.

The rule goes this way the more you give, the more you get. So, with the care of a person, your brand and the whole your company reputation should be preserved.

6. Ability to unsubscribe

Leave the company contacts and the information on how to unsubscribe from your SMS white label reseller program messaging. Mind that subscribers receive a large amount of information every day via SMS, emails, and instant messengers, and it often gets on their nerves heavily. Moreover, often inexperienced companies that practice SMS sales do not indicate why a subscriber receives a message. What’s its immediate value, etc. This is especially important option in terms of the law and digital data safety.

And in the end, do not forget that you are a customer too. The social changes always switch. So, think of how it would feel when you are in your own customers shoes. What will make you, personally respond, will be useful to you, and what you delete without hesitation, etc. Do not write something you would not like to see on your phone simply because you are on the other side of these marketing relations.


Feel free to look up what’s up at the top white label SMS marketing service and stay SMS-savvy!

SMS Reseller White Label Marketing Rules
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