Why SMS Platform Providers are so Popular?

Mobile marketing has a lot of technical and marketing solutions that allow you to implement a number of different tasks in your business environment. For that you need a reliable SMS platform, suitable for using while on the go. The truth is that a modern businessman cannot avoid moving around all the time and doing business or marketing wherever he\she is. This is another reason why platform providers are so popular nowadays. They are implemented with the best tools for both web based and mobile marketing via text messaging.

Why secure SMS platform?

Since the last few years SMS-messages have become a serious advertising channel. This fact is completely justified because of the fact that many companies that have their own databases with phone numbers of real customers, do not rely on emails. They prefer mobile technologies. And that’s where SMS messaging platform for mobile advertising will come in handy.

In practice, the truth is that secure messaging platform can be a powerful tool for both marketing and fruitful partnership. Affiliate programs allow quite profitable cooperation for advertisers and publishers, both small and big business.

Mobile texting pioneers

Of course, mobile marketing front line belongs to the leaders of the market in the realm of telecom and Internet technologies: Japan, the USA, and so on.

Thus, the first country that managed to successfully apply mobile marketing as we know it nowadays was Japan. However, nothing should interfere with you in becoming one of the best in your industry.

By 2019, each site is estimated to account for 5.5 dollars of revenue from mobile advertising. Another statistics claims that almost 60% of Japanese subscribers use mobile coupons and discounts more than once a month. In Japan and Korea, high-profit advertising is using heavy content, due to the ubiquitous availability of mobile networks. If advertising is unobtrusive, informative and personalized to the recipients, then it will be effective for sure. Nevertheless, that will be a problem without a useful platform. And that’s what our company is going to provide worldwide for reaching out mobile marketing results worth Japanese success.

In US, both mobile advertising and marketing are moving to a new level and start to shift from simply SMS to a more complex channel combinations, like SMS+ instant messengers, search engine advertising and local marketing, advertising in games, banners, etc.

In the United States for less than a dollar of cost price, most of which came from information sent via SMS, total mobile advertising revenues reach billions, which is definitely why SMS remains a favorite among the advertising channels.

The number of smartphones, owned by subscribers is increasing. In the US, 25% of the phones sold back in 2006 were already 3G-enabled. Can you imagine what’s happening now!?

What about Europe? Though, Europe is slower integrating new directions in mobile advertising, it is actively trying to experiment with more advanced or even aggressive types of mobile marketing. For example, the operator subsidizes the cost of communication and purchase of the self phone, if the user agrees to receive advertising messages. Wisely enough, eh?

Third generation models are integrated into those services that are already familiar to the users – the purchase of mobile content, subscription to information services and so on. The effectiveness of these methods is quite high due to the fact that the mobile media channel has more opportunities for personalized advertising, integrating it into the context of services and content and all things like that.

In North America, the first mobile marketing campaign using a short number was conducted by Labatt Brewing, a Canadian company in 2002. Since then, the use of short numbers to send SMS messages has become a popular and effective means of communicating with the consumers. Many companies began to use short numbers as a kind of a hook for forming their brands awareness. Indeed, the use of short numbers allows the consumers to use SMS for asking questions, participate in events, stay up to date with the company news and so much more. That is why SMS texting platforms are still extremely popular.

Choosing the best SMS platform

Mobile marketing via SMS was quickly spread in Europe and Asia as a new channel for reaching the target audience. However, very soon its meaning and reputation was temporarily spoiled by SMS-spam.

Telephone databases, used without any permission could cause a negative response from subscribers. So, in order for unauthorized mailings related to the sales or any other promotion materials, it is always recommended to use the services that have an expertise in telecom, sales & marketing. After mobile operators had introduced spam restrictions, as well as provided the corresponding laws, SMS became the most popular form of mobile marketing. Thus, more than 100 million SMS advertisements are sent every month only in Europe.

Nowadays, one of the key criteria for holding mobile marketing actions is the subscriber’s consent to receive the information from certain company or to participate in promotions, etc.

In Europe, any SMS texting platform or mobile operator provides an option for a subscriber to unsubscribe from messaging or to terminate participation in the action at any time. These requirements are well-adjusted, understood and followed by marketers all over the world.

On our part, we together with the top marketers are looking for newer and newer channels and the ways of interacting with the customers, alongside the traditional advertising. On the other hand, customers, both advertisers and publishers switch their attention from a more traditional media to the interactive media, etc. So, in order to maintain the long term relationships between them, advertisers pay especial attention to the new environments, for example, a secure SMS platform with the proven routes and a solid partnership network.

Why SMS Platform Providers are so Popular?
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