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Make the conversation with customers efficient with the WTC SMS platform. We are an established service provider for bulk SMS, Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp messaging, and many other related tools to boost your marketing strategy, with nearly a decade of experience.
Low prices
Tailored service cost. You pay only for actually used traffic
Worldwide coverage
193 countries on 4 continents
All data is stored and protected by the cutting edge cloud technology.
Great speed
Direct-to-carrier relations ensure high-rate data transfer
Bulk SMS
Create the campaign, no traffic limits, individual tariffs per SMS, cosmic delivery speed.
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Bulk SMS
URL Shortener
Use our link shortener service to add a short URL to your SMS message.
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URL Shortener
Messengers – build your own campaigns using networks such as: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp.
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Number Cleaning
Cleaning databases of unavailable and inactive numbers ensures increases accurate marketing campaigns.
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Number Cleaning
Connect with the tools you rely on every day
WTC API uses HTTP requests and REST full components. The access key is prescribed as part of the API authorization. Requests and responses are formatted in JSON using UTF-8 encoding.
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  • PHP
  • Node JS
  • GO
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • $apikey = ‘test_8zWaPwOaHDPRFmgIldhl’;
    $api = new WTC($apikey);
    $client = $api->getSmsClient(); //get one of the clients
    $balance = $client->getBalance();
  • var wtc = require( ‘wtc’ )( ‘‘ );

      balance => console.log( “Balance request completed:”, balance ),
      error => console.log( “Balance request failed”, error )
  • //Balance
    var balance = hlrClient.GetBalance()
    var hlrPrices = hlrClient.GetHlrPricesById(9)
  • try (SmsClient smsClient = new SmsClient(“YOUR_API_KEY”)) {
      //Log response
      smsClient.getJerseyClient().register(new LoggingFilter());
      //Sms prices
      PricesData smsPrices = smsClient.getSmsPrices(9);
  • import pprint
    import wtc_restapi as api
    from examples.settings import API_KEY

    client = api.SMSAPI(config={‘api_key’: API_KEY})
    result = client.send(message=api.SMSMessage(body=’test message text’),
    print(‘Result of SMS sending:{}’.format(pprint.pformat(result)))
  • pp client.message_create(destination: ‘phone’, originator: ‘SENDER’, body: ‘message text’,
    msisdn: ‘48510681650’, reference: ‘MyReference’)

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Сreate your campaign effortlessly, without traffic restrictions. Single sign-on interface and 500+ partnerships are notably simplifying the global complexity of customer relations. Over 50 0-HOP routes and over 1 200 operators connected ensure favorable rates (from € 0.0025 per message) and cosmic speed only an industry-leading platform can offer. For bulk SMS testing, we use ten thousand live nodes worldwide.

There are many ways your marketing department can use our services depending on your industry. For instance, they can accelerate time to market for a product or service: invite your core audience to give you a clue on what to improve. Simply send them a message containing a shortened link to a feedback form (preferably, also offering them something good in return). Those short URLs also make reading more comfortable and provide marketers with useful analytics.

Viber messages for business personalize your communication and create new customer experiences, keeping your brand top of mind. Build memorable journeys for users in 200 countries and territories. The WTC platform is designed for interaction both with wholesale and retail clients.

Did you know that checking your contact list can cut down your messaging expenses by up to 30%? Grow lead conversion and eliminate undelivered messages with number portability lookup in real-time. Forget about unnecessary overhead on invalid and ported numbers. This service verifies your database against the first-party sources maintaining it clean and updated.

As soon as you reach your customers, you want to assure them that their sensitive data is protected. A direct and secure means of two-factor authentication (2FA) is one-time passwords. Verify logins with 2FA with the WTC robust API, and future-proof your transactions.

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