Global bulk SMS sending

Simple creation of the campaign, no traffic limits, individual tariffs from $0.003 for SMS, cosmic delivery speed. Send SMS worldwide!
Global bulk SMS sending
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Choose Automated SMS Sending or Manual Campaign Creation
The capabilities of the service cover all needs. You can configure drip messaging using the API or create advertising messages for a large audience in the web interface. In both cases, you can conveniently split your contact list, personalize your messages, and add short links. A new campaign creation takes a few minutes, then all recipients get SMS bulk messages with the necessary data.
  • Create database
  • Send SMS
  • Messages reports
  • Track statistics
Create database
Send SMS
Messages reports
Track statistics
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Creating Templates
Creating Templates
If you need to send regular standardized SMS in bulk, use the templates. Add, modify and manage the text templates according to your needs. You can create the text templates in advance to launch a new campaign quickly anytime you need.
Schedule a Message to Send at Any Day and Time
Schedule a Message to Send at Any Day and Time
Create a campaign in advance and schedule it to send SMS in bulk at the right time. It is a perfect solution when your time zone differs from the time zone of the recipients or you plan several launches at different times. Scheduling multiple message launches on the right days is a great opportunity to optimize your work!
Personalizing Messages
Personalizing Messages
Do you want to set one campaign with different data for each recipient? Use pre-installed or custom variables, such as recipient’s name, address, order number, and so on. Fill the appropriate fields in the contact list, and the correct variable will pass the required information to each SMS in bulk at the moment of sending.
Manage Your Contact List
Manage Your Contact List
Create various contact lists in a couple of clicks! Sort your contacts with smart filters, add them to new lists, add new data to each contact in a second. Select the list and use the quick campaign creation. The phone book has never been so functional!
Are there the numbers in your contacts that should not receive SMS? Add these numbers to the stoplist, and these clients will not receive messages from you anymore.
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Connect with the tools you rely on every day
WTC API uses HTTP and Rest Full components. Requests and responses are formatted in JSON using UTF-8 encoding. The integration will be quite easy to configure despite the language of your system. We have compiled libraries for the most popular programming languages such as Python, PHP, Java and others.
Read API Docs
  • PHP
  • Node JS
  • Go
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • $apikey = ‘test_8zWaPwOaHDPRFmgIldhl’;
    $api = new WTC($apikey);
    $client = $api->getSmsClient(); //get one of the clients
    $balance = $client->getBalance();
  • var wtc = require( ‘wtc’ )( ‘‘ );

      balance => console.log( “Balance request completed:”, balance ),
      error => console.log( “Balance request failed”, error )
  • //Balance
    var balance = hlrClient.GetBalance()
    var hlrPrices = hlrClient.GetHlrPricesById(9)
  • try (SmsClient smsClient = new SmsClient(“YOUR_API_KEY”)) {
      //Log response
      smsClient.getJerseyClient().register(new LoggingFilter());
      //Sms prices
      PricesData smsPrices = smsClient.getSmsPrices(9);
  • import pprint
    import wtc_restapi as api
    from examples.settings import API_KEY

    client = api.SMSAPI(config={‘api_key’: API_KEY})
    result = client.send(message=api.SMSMessage(body=’test message text’),
    print(‘Result of SMS sending:\n{}’.format(pprint.pformat(result)))
  • pp client.message_create(destination: ‘phone’, originator: ‘SENDER’, body: ‘message text’,
    msisdn: ‘380662341945’, reference: ‘MyReference’)

Frequent questions
Who does need Bulk SMS?
Small and middle businesses, enterprises and organizations, private and public sector, commercial and non-profit activities – all of them can benefit from bulk SMS sending. Text message services can be used in the financial sector, education, real estate, health care, IT, marketing, and many other industries.

Technologies for bulk SMS sending are effectively used in various fields. It is a cheap, fast and reliable communication channel that outperforms email and even the popular instant messengers. Within seconds, you will deliver information to users wherever they are, whether they have access to the Internet or not.

You don’t need to worry that the device may not support email or instant messengers. Service provider for bulk SMS transmits data in one of the oldest ways available to all users of all mobile device types. It makes SMS a perfect marketing tool.

The creation of SMS campaigns is ultimately easy. It is almost impossible to make a mistake in this process because the menu and the data transfer system are user-friendly. Each message is individually created and fine-tuned. Online stores, CRM and CMS systems, 1C can integrate automated SMS sending through our service, ensuring algorithms’ quick response. The client receives a report on each addressee with the status of the previously sent message. Besides, the SMS gateway with a universal API allows you to connect the bulk SMS sending system to any portal. Integration is as native as possible and should be performed only once.
Does the service work in the USA?
Our messaging platform operates in any country of the world. In particular, bulk SMS can be sent in the USA. Subscribers of any operator can receive information from the owner of the messaging list. In the process of message moderation, we take into account the requirements and conditions imposed by the American regulatory authorities for the transmitted information.

The service works with different operators, so the subscribers of any operator can be added to the list. You also can send messages to several countries at once without creating separate campaigns or tasks in the system. The U.S. market is in the highest demand. We do our best to make the service stable, flawless and efficient.
How extensive can the recipient list be?
The service’s functionality allows sending SMS to any number of recepients. There can be thousands or millions of messages sent simultaneously. The capability to process such amounts of the messages guarantees SMS delivery to every user. The only aspect to take into account is the message volume limitations set by operators. However, the message can be delivered in two packages, although it is not always convenient. Except for the operators’ limits, the only limitation is the sender’s intent.
How to Send SMS in Bulk?
Bulk SMS senders can send text messages by entering the recipients’ contacts or a contact list, the message content and setting up the time and the date of sending. The procedure is as simple as possible. The notifications are sent in a few seconds and instantly delivered to the number owner. Using the bulk service, users can add thousands of recipients and customize the messages using the universal tool: an Excel table, where the main work takes place.
Are there any restrictions on sending bulk SMS?
A well-thought moderation system does not allow customers to send suspicious links and low-quality content that will be blocked by operators. Message check takes several minutes to make sure our service does not generate any spam. This feature can be disabled, we care about the quality of messaging, but we do not want to limit our customers. It is possible to send bulk SMS in any situation, no matter what data you would like to share with your audience.
Is It Possible to Schedule a Message?
Using bulk SMS services, it is easy to set up the time and date of messaging. The sender just needs to create the text and the database of recipients in advance, choose the most convenient time and schedule the task. The automated service will send messages to the users without any delay, releasing the sender’s time for business and not be distracted by the technical aspects. Thus, you can schedule multiple messages if you need to create several messages at once.
How does the mass texting tool work?
Enter mobile phone numbers or create a contact list of the SMS recipients. Our service offers data personalization, filters and flexible segmentation. These options help to create campaigns quickly without missing anything important. It is enough to create a contact list once. Just enter a text message in a field and click the send button — messages will arrive without delay and exactly as intended. It is easier than ever to send SMS to customers — it only takes a few seconds.
Set the date and time.
Specify the Unique Sender Names. Seeing the sender, the recipients understand that important information has arrived and cannot be ignored. The presence of a message from a personalized sender in combination with the original submission will inspire an interest in the next SMS from the same person.
Add a contact list and send. The ability to add the customer’s name and other personal data to the list is also an option. With the help of this tool, each SMS message will be informative and personalized. Using the personalizations, you can create a list of loyal customers who will remember the attention of the company. This will generate a significant conversion and help build a positive image.
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