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Use our link shortener service to add a short URL to your SMS message. Make reading more convenient and analytics more useful.
URL Shortener
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Drive users to your site with a short domain name and track the conversion rates. Shorten URL for your SMS messages and posts on social media with our free service. Reduce long links ― cut the length of SMS and the expenses for the campaign!
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Frequent questions
Can I use HTTPS?
Yes. Select the required protocol in the appropriate menu.
What is URL shortener?
URL shortener generator allows you to adapt links to an easy reading format. It helps to analyze the conversion statistics, including the information about mobile users who clicked the link.
Who can use the web address shortening?
Web shortener can be used by any client who has agreed to our terms and conditions. At the same time, before you make a short link, you should check if a phone number is active to avoid a waste of money. And of course, priory to creating the campaign using a short link generator, you must be ready to obtain the customers’ consent to receive your messages, because otherwise the campaign cannot be launched.