Text messaging for iGaming

Gaming industries show rapidly rising demand and need the right promotion tactics
Getting started
Provide your iGaming and casino audience with more involvement options
Provide your iGaming and casino audience with more involvement options
With texting for communication and advertisement, entertainment businesses can deeper engage with the audience, streamline event arrangement, and boost loyalty. Producers can offer rewards such as behind-the-scene or first looks for opting-in, attracting dedicated followers.
Simple and affordable way to target a particular market, and to collect data
Simple and affordable way to target a particular market, and to collect data
Find out your customers’ preferences by taking short surveys and including trackable links to your messages, and segment your contact list. People are so busy nowadays, that they can forget the time their favorite programs are on, but short texts will keep them in the loop.

People from all walks of life resort to entertainment and media to rest, get together with beloved ones and have a good time. Of course, be it a nightclub, a theater, or a concert hall, the primary focus is to ensure that people come to the events.

Mobile has developed over the years into a viable marketing tool. Despite many other communication channels, only bulk SMS allows reaching out to a broad public in seconds, even without an internet connection. The superabundance of entertainment options dictates venues to create a strong impression with a smart SMS promotion. 

iGaming used to offer prizes to generations of their listeners in order to bring them to sign up. Casino dedicated fans can also persuade hundreds of people to do this. SMS for iGaming invite people to take part in a contest, play, or a quiz or even suggest changes.

An interesting article will barely find its reader by itself. Online media get much traffic from searches, but this is not a stable channel. Bulk SMS service for media is a content distribution method and a touchpoint with contacts building a “tribe” of regular readers. And if the subscriber receives something that is neither on the website nor on social networks, they feel exclusive and cool.

Why try SMS channel for your iGaming website

1. Expand brand presence

Notify your audience about the dates and times of their favorite slots. Text them about upcoming sales, performances. Send a discount, and holiday offers. SMS sender for events distributes information to thousands of people in one click. Send the URL to download your magazine or news app ― enhance readability and engagement.

2. Retain customers

Turn the first-time users to the regular ones with mobile coupons, and redeemable vouchers. Take a list of new customers who bought slots of the month in your venue, and verify phone numbers they entered at the check-out. After the opening day, send them messages asking how they rate offer, or whether they have any proposals to improve your service. Present them a special discount for coming back.

3. Keep them posted

People fear to miss interesting things. With an SMS system for events alert, the user knows that he will receive a scheduled, e.g., bi-monthly, update and will not omit anything important. You also need to timely inform the audience about changes in schedules and next available openings, text them renewal reminders, payment alerts, and downtime notifications.

4. Internal use

Being all about keeping visitors happy, we mustn’t neglect to inform the crew. Caterers keep things running smoothly with text message marketing for restaurants, and entertainment companies can also use it to streamline staff communication. Conveying unexpected changes in cast or schedule in a hassle-free way prevents conflicts and disorder.

5. Drive web traffic

Your venue or media outlet probably has a website. Use SMS to promote artists and issues with a link to it, and place a prominent SMS subscription form, or advertise your keyword on your landing page. This will expand your outreach and grow click-through rates, strengthening your relationship with the target group.

6. Last-minute Sales

Lack of people at the concert or show means frustration, and more importantly ― material losses. If you realize that your house isn’t quite full, it’s about time to dispatch a message to let customers know there are seats available. With SMS marketing for events, you’ll quickly sell those tickets ― informed people feel cared for. Sending the tickets directly in the SMS, you also save your guests from queues.

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