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Flexible and powerful messaging solutions for seamless integration with IT stacks.
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Automate bulk SMS for your registered users
Automate bulk SMS for your registered users
WTC’s digital marketing platform can be used to manage cyber risks, help desk acknowledgments, escalation alerts ― for continuity of your business and to keep the end-users in the loop.
Fast, reliable and simple API for the best-known CRMs
Fast, reliable and simple API for the best-known CRMs
Inform employees and customers of your IT service about release schedules, encourage them to become your beta-testers, ask for feedback, and convey emergency responses without additional effort directly from your management application.
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One of the root principles of development is that any monotonous action should be automated. Users expect apps and tech support to react immediately. A fast-paced information technology environment constrains you to stay on top of any failure ― with a fix, as well as with communication, and often an expected time of arrival. Reduce incoming voice calls and emails with SMS for IT companies and automate workflow-related processes. Such an alert system saves admin time and expenses and improves the customer journey.

Texting is a well-established practice for IT security, notification, and promotional purposes. Leverage your existing tech stack with WTC digital marketing platform and get messages automatically sent. Software professionals can access the platform through a web interface or through the service API. The list management, personalization, scheduling, and reporting features are supported. Our gateway also keeps track of a delivery, to ensure the message has reached your audience.

Robust and fast API integrations enable texting automation directly from your site, CRM, or business software. The most demanding clients can rent WTC white label SMS platform ― the carrier-grade redundant system supporting SMPP v 3.4 protocol. SMS and Viber messaging, as well as HLR requests, are performed by means of RESTFull API. Thus, wholesale and retail customers can use multi-channel marketing services under their genuine brand and with independent pricing.

Boost your IT department efficiency with SMS

There is no more worthwhile way to communicate with your users and staff. Texting has the highest open and response rates among all channels. A sweeping majority of consumers prefer SMS for small business for its non-obtrusive nature. You can start with one SMS for the IT industry scenario and gradually add others.

  • Time-critical alerts

Mission-critical issues ― hardware or software failures, service outages, system breaches ― affect the operation of your customer’s business or their interaction with your product. When they arise, it quite matters to immediately notify both users and essential personnel, with data secured.

  • Customer support

Voice calls are frustrating for everyone: nobody enjoys calling to report a problem and be put on hold for ten minutes. Non-critical alerts with SMS software for IT can also be deployed right off. You get to the root of the trouble, resolve it and convey a solution much faster. Updating users about support ticket status in a concise manner improves their satisfaction.

  • SMS solutions for IT marketing

Blast bulk messages with the event, promotion, or exclusive offer details. Invite consistent users to upgrade, or involve them in beta testing. Informing about the new version releases streamlines deployment.

  • Staff communication

Сoders can work from anywhere as long as they are online. Communicate with groups of freelancers simultaneously, having peace in mind that your message will be delivered. Dispatch SMS for IT industry with rosters, schedules, and instructions.

  • OTP

Use text authentication to send one-time passwords for fuss-free 2-factor authentication. By doing so, you protect users’ accounts and provide an added security layer.

WTC is here to support your various business needs across the IT company, including sales and advertising, troubleshooting, SMS logistics tracking, HR to name a few. Many industries take advantage of the WTC texting engagement solutions.

Emergency notification

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Hey there {first name}, we’d like to offer you early access to our {application} new release. We’ll be thankful for leaving your review at {link}. Kind regards, {company}.

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