SMS for Logistics Companies

Streamline your logistics operations with SMS. Reach out to people in an instant, cost-effective and direct manner.
Getting started
Staying updated is crucial for destinees
Staying updated is crucial for destinees
Adopt a mobile-first approach to send appointment reminders, mobile alerts, pick-up, and delivery status messages. Keep in touch with contractors and drivers. Boost your customer service standards, and improve communication on the go.
Customers appreciate timely delivery and change notifications
Customers appreciate timely delivery and change notifications
Enhance your warehouse management: reduce the need to arrange staff meetings and group calls. Remind recipients of invoice payments, and inform them of delays in case of unforseen situations. Anyway, such sensitive details as time and address of arrival sent via SMS eliminate human errors almost completely.

Communication is a crucial aspect of the transport industry. Operational SMS for logistics are utilized in ways you might not have guessed of. We all receive delivery notifications and invoice reminders. No wonder that logistics messaging is gaining traction ― it solves major communication issues and addresses an increasing number of use cases.

The logistics SMS adavntages

Universal coverage. Texting logistics channel works anywhere globally even on basic cell phones. It cuts through when it is not possible to call.

No Internet needed. Mobile data may be inconsistent, costly, and difficult to administer. Short messages need no Internet and fewer data to transfer, so they are less subject to capacity restrictions as phone calls and poor service problems.

Real-time notifications. Perhaps most importantly, texting is instantaneous, allowing you to communicate urgent updates without any delays.

Automation reduces human error. Freight logistic Information such as time and address of arrival is quite sensitive, thus, just like in banking, SMS reduces the possibility of erroneous entry.

Safety for the drivers. While they are on the move, drivers must not distract themselves on the voice calls.

How to use SMS for transportation to grow efficacy

Not only will you reduce costs and increase efficiency with SMS logistics services, but also cultivate customer satisfaction with your business. Here is how to easily integrate them into the transportation routine.

  1. Send route updates.

Imagine: one of your drivers is approaching a cyclone. He may be aware of it, but not of the optimal way to travel it around. Sending him a simple SMS with an updated route is a solution. Occasionally a route modification can even win a new business when it comes to eleventh-hour pickup and delivery deals. 

  1. Inform and support customers.

It is exciting to watch your purchase on its way with SMS logistics tracking. Many carriers and courier services already answer queries and keep recipients in the loop of small packages and larger shipments leveraging SMS for shipping delivery without confusion.

  1. Integrate with systems in place.

SMS can keep people in touch both as a primary or a fallback channel. Available smart API integrations with WTC gateway allow streamlining new orders, delivery instructions, order confirmations, and payment reminders directly via your on-premise CRM. Similarly, as we receive e-commerce SMS notifications from our favorite online stores, our whole logistics team can remain up to date in a simple, and concise manner. Even if you already use logistics management software, you can join its features with texting when it’s detected that driver has lost data coverage.

  1. Automate supply & warehouse management chain.

Better communication helps to meet the challenges of modern global logistics dynamics. Delegate tasks, arrange shifts, advise of inventory shortages and order delays. Schedule recurring SMS in bulk to automate invoices processing, order status changes, and delivery notifications.

Only texting offers profitability and worldwide coverage required for cargo logistics to close the gaps between carriers, merchants, and customers. It bridges people with people, software with people, and people with data faster and more productively than calls, letters, or custom systems alone.


SMS Templates for Logistics

Order confirmation

Hello {name}, thank you for purchasing with {store}. Your order nr. {number} has been confirmed and is expected for delivery on {date}. To track your package please follow this link {link}.

Alerts and updates for driver

Hey {name}, there’s been a car accident reported on the San Antonio Freeway. Traffic is blocked and emergency services are on their way. Please use an alternative route to avoid delivery delays.

Hi {first name}. Client {name} has responded that there will be nobody available to receive his parcel. He has requested his parcel nr. [number] be delivered tomorrow instead of today. {Company}.

Delivery status updates

Greetings {name}, your dispatch is on approach and should arrive today between 10 AM and 6 PM. Please be available at {address} to pick it up.

Hi, {name}, your delivery scheduled for 2 pm today is running late due to a traffic jam. New ETA for your delivery is 4 pm. Driver tracking is available here {link}.



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