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Price for all countries are flexible and can depends on volume and quality of the route 
Frequent questions
How much does WTC platform cost?
Using our platform you do not pay a subscription fee. You only pay for used services, such as HLR queries or text messages sent. You can find default rates at the Pricing page. Please note! Your real tariff will be chosen by your personal manager depending on your business needs, the chosen routes and the expected volume of traffic. Very often the real applicable tariff is lower than the default tariff at Pricing.
How extensive can the recipient list be?
The service’s functionality allows sending SMS to any number of recepients. There can be thousands or millions of messages sent simultaneously. The capability to process such amounts of the messages guarantees SMS delivery to every user. The only aspect to take into account is the message volume limitations set by operators. However, the message can be delivered in two packages, although it is not always convenient. Except for the operators’ limits, the only limitation is the sender’s intent.
Are there any restrictions on sending bulk SMS?
A well-thought moderation system does not allow customers to send suspicious links and low-quality content that will be blocked by operators. Message check takes several minutes to make sure our service does not generate any spam. This feature can be disabled, we care about the quality of messaging, but we do not want to limit our customers. It is possible to send bulk SMS in any situation, no matter what data you would like to share with your audience.
Does the price depends on the type of messengers chosen?
Yes, the price for each message directly depends on its type. The messaging creator chooses the type of message and is responsible for this. Viber has the right to block the sender’s account if the type of message differs from its actual content, so approach the choice of category responsibly.
Do I need to have a deposit on my account?
WTC offers prepaid accounts, which means that you need to have a balance in your account before you can, for example, send your SMS messages. When your balance gets low, we have a low balance warning: you will receive a notification when your balance is less than a certain amount.
Do you have a discount system?
Yes. We provide discounts depending on the volume of sent SMS messages per month.
Can I get a refund?
In most cases, money for not delivered messages are non-refundable. If you believe you are entitled to a refund in accordance with our General Terms and Conditions, send us an email to [email protected] with your request and explanation, and we’ll be happy to review your case.

WTC Pricing

We’ve created easy-to-use services at the intersection of digital marketing and telecommunication technology for users worldwide. We provide our customers with multiple payment methods. We accept up to 20 payment methods, including online via international payment systems like Visa and Mastercard, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

With WTC platform you only pay for what you use.

The prices and the calculator on the website show the base rate. We tailor a pricing plan for each client and tell the most important subtleties of setting up correct SMS messaging. We have very flexible pricing options. The price of your campaigns can decrease. The higher your traffic is — the lower is the cost per SMS.

Our plans include only the cost of sent SMS, but depending on the country and operator your sender ID is registered in, there can be charged an extra fee.

Send your first SMS now, upgrade plan later.

After registering, you will get a free trial bonus, which will allow you to send a test SMS, no credit card required when signing in.
We guarantee that the recipients will see the message as you conceived it. WTC, as an international bulk SMS service provider, has its own system for testing the route quality with 10 000+ live nodes around the world.
High-level security and risk-free access. The subscriber base is available for its owner only. We keep private information about the sender and the recipient securely, showing only the information that the service user entered. This option is offered to every user without extra fee for security — everything is included in the standard message price. 

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