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SMS helps estate brokers to sell and rent out more properties.
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Engage new leads, dispatch listings, and auction alerts in bulk
Engage new leads, dispatch listings, and auction alerts in bulk
Place a keyword and your number at the gates to promote an open house: people will text to opt-in, and go further down your sales funnel. You then can send them personalized follow-ups, even directly from your property management app. Or you can blast an advertisement to the prospects database.
Keep all participants informed
Keep all participants informed
Instantly reach out to tenants, leads, and owners. Automatedly send them personalized rent and billing reminders, inquiries, project details, arrange repairs, and viewings via smart API. Increasing attendance rates you maintain steady cash flow and gain a competitive edge in real estate.
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The immovable property industry is all about building and managing good relationships. Agents must be outstandingly skillful in networking and customer care ― and communication is the cornerstone of both. A real estate text message marketing service is the best channel for automating and streamlining conversations. It keeps busy agents in touch with tenants, landlords, buyers, vendors, brokers, prospects, even with other team members. SMS text messaging for real estate enables instant communication.

How to increase closings with pro texting marketing

At the core of today’s capital assets market, there is an inconsistency: we have never seen more ways to reach people, yet it has never been harder to reach them. And text message SMS for real estate marketing solves this problem. Agents use it in two interconnected ways — to generate leads and to follow them up. 

There are plenty of advantages in leveraging real estate messaging. Everyone has a cell phone, and open rates for short text messages are over 95%. Their response rate also leaves other channels far behind: the average text response time is 60X faster than email. Important real estate SMS are opened within minutes.

Many things in real estate are time-sensitive. If an agent stays patient until a buyer checks an email inbox, the buyer may lose the new real estate listing opportunity. Any kind of text update is quicker than email.

There are so many ways for brokers to use real estate texting service:

  • arrange viewings, calls, vettings, and strata meetings;
  • follow up with new leads;
  • contact with social media leads;
  • announce a new property sales;
  • provide a link, for example, to the pictures of house or flat;
  • automate real estate ads to a database of prospective buyers;
  • send payment reminders with a short link to a payment platform;
  • organize repairs, cleaning, and notify tenants of inspection dates;
  • send appointment reminders before showing;
  • approach the cold leads;
  • engage tradespeople to service properties.

If you run a real estate rent platform, consider using a one-time password for instant authentication of your users. Announce the new apartment openings to them with real estate mobile marketing SMS, advertise listings, lease, and ultimately sell properties faster. One-time password SMS looks like a hassle-free chat.

SMS for realtors and property sales

Vendors are kept happy with text message marketing for real estate, and cash is kept flowing to you. Here are some tips on keeping tenants and investors informed and getting the full benefit from your SMS advertisement costs.

Place a shortcode or a keyword on your «For Sale/For Lease» street signs, in TV and radio advertising, in direct emails. Use real estate SMS messages to continue working with leads from other marketing channels, such as your website or social media ads. A click-to-text button or a small form added to your website fosters people to text to you. This is important since mobile continues to grab a bigger piece of the real estate web traffic pie. More people opt-in, and your contact database grows.

Use real estate SMS to supplement your sales strategy and cut the market time for your property listings. Send reminders before auctions, vettings, and home openings to reduce expensive no-shows. Instantly confirming client appointments, you also grow attendance rates.

Send the links to all settlement documents for selling and buying. Just like with SMS for the IT industry, personal data security is front and center for real estate SMS. Businesses can even automate such sending through text services for real estate — and have letters of approval and contracts sent to the email upon the recipient’s click.

When you forward a new property listing or other immovable market updates to the inquiring prospect buyers, you should address them personally. Upload a list of clients to message to, and create a template — SMS platform will automatically insert the first name, type of property, and other custom fields into the text. With WTC platform, SMS campaign for real estate can be easily scheduled as a sequence of messages to appropriate customers at the right time.

A great way to notify realtors about upcoming training sessions is text marketing for real estate agents. The SMS can contain a link to the online meeting. Schedule one reminder to be dispatched a day before the session, and another one — on the morning before it.

Last but not least, the best text message marketing service for real estate provides for integration with your existing customer relationship management system (CRM) or content management system (CMS). Integration via an application programming interface (API) in SMS marketing for small businesses is considered the best practice. It enables you to communicate with your contacts from your native CRM, customer support, and order tracking applications.

Useful real estate SMS templates

Once you have decided on a texting solution and chosen an established real estate SMS provider, you might suddenly wonder, what to write and how. General recommendations for preparing your successful campaign are following:

  • Keep it as short as possible: the text’s conciseness allows the recipient to scan it and react before their attention is gone. Besides, many mass text services still stick to 160-characters limitation.
  • Work toward clarity: even though text messages have to be brief, they shouldn’t be bewildering. Before you send SMS in bulk service, make sure it is going to make sense for the recipient.
  • Use personalization SMS service opportunity: as we mentioned, you should place the client’s name, location, or fields of their interest that you already know.

Keeping all involved parties in the loop, you boost customer satisfaction and ensure that they’ll return when they make up their mind to sell or lease their next property. You can also utilize SMS marketing for real estate to upsell on construction activities — offer upgrades like a kitchen island, premium flooring, finishing appliances, energy savers, and so on. However, realtors commonly use SMS for real estate service to alert possible buyers about new immovables becoming available. 

Here are some real estate message templates you can start using with your SMS system.

New property listing for interested potential purchasers:

Hello there {username}, I’ve recently listed a new property in {location}, with {number} baths and {number} beds plus {amazing feature}. It also has a great {next awesome feature}. I believe it is ideal for you. I’d love you to see it — here’s my availability {calendar link}.

Leasing and rental properties listing:

Hi {username}, I’ve just listed a new property for rent in {suburb} that would perfectly meet your needs. It has {feature}, {feature} and is not far from {infrastructure}. Interested? Let’s set a time {calendar link}.


Rental application follow-up:

Hello {username}, thanks for lodging documents with {agency}. Your application is successful and you’ll receive your new lease agreement within {timeframe}. Don’t hesitate to call in case of any questions!

Re-engagement of the lead:

Hi {username}, are you still looking for a loft in {location}? There are a few fresh listings that I guess you might like. If you’re intrigued, here are my available time slots {calendar link}.


Listing price change notification:

Greetings, {username}! Do you know the house you loved at {address} has just dropped from $90K to $75K? How about placing an offer?

Landlord texting:

Good day, {username}, the annual general meeting for {address} will be carried out on {date} at {time}. Please let us know whether you can make it, send a delegate, or will be absent. Kind regards, {signature}, {agency}.

Contractor reminder:

Hello {foreman name}, {service provider} will come to install {utility} at {property} on {date} at {time}. Please make sure that {preparation work} is completed by that time.


Announcement about the open house:

Greetings, {username}, {agent name} from {agency} in touch. {Address} will have an open house tomorrow between 12 am and 5 pm. At this time, we’ll accept offers.

Open house follow-up:

Dear {username}, thanks for joining us last week at the open house at {address}. Please contact us if you have any questions about the house.

Property maintenance reminders for tenants:

Hey there {username}, {service provider} will visit your home to fix {service} on {date} at {time}. If you’re unable to meet him at the said time, please let us know ASAP to reschedule. {Manager}.

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