Messengers bulk message via WTC is a modern and well-thought-out service that uses the popular messengers instead of classic SMS channels.
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Benefits of Sending Messages via messengers

Reasonable Price
The prices for bulk messages by messengers are lower than for SMS due to the pricing specifics. In addition, you pay only for delivered messages, which means that if the sending system fails, no money will be charged.
Easy Settings
To start an advertising campaign via messengers, you need a minimal primary setting. You just need to register the messengers bulk message sender’s name, add contacts, and then start messaging. Even inexperienced users can do that, since the features of the service are well-thought-out and user-friendly.
More Than a Text
Your messengers message may also include an image or a function like a big button your customer wants to press. Message length for example for Viber is up to 1 000 characters, which means that you can use different copywriting techniques and create real selling letters.
Worldwide Coverage
Don’t overpay for worldwide delivery; it’s enough to pick any messengers user regardless of the country to deliver important information. The use of this messenger doesn’t depend on cellular networks and particular operators, so global messaging with it becomes much more efficient.
API Integration
Use the advantages of messengers messaging and integrate our service directly into your interface to shift your messaging game to a new level of convenience and quality. Use algorithms developed by our professionals and enjoy the adaptability of the system available to everyone.
Combine with SMS
Our system will send messages to the contact if the number is not found in messengers. Bulk sender can activate this feature when sending a campaign ― and don’t worry that some of your recipients do not use messengers.
Features of messengers messaging
Creating Templates
Creating Templates
Save templates of the standardised messengers bulk messages to use later. Create a message with an image, text, link, and save it as a template. You can run a campaign from a list of templates in three clicks: select a template, add recipients and send.
Schedule Your Mailing List
Schedule Your Mailing List
You can send a message immediately after creation, or choose another date and time. A simple and convenient scheduler will help you plan multiple campaigns for different days in a single session. When the campaigns are sent out, messengers bulk message sender will receive notification of the completed campaign.
Automatic Messaging
Automatic Messaging
With API, you can automate messengers bulk messaging and send it without our web interface in respect of given conditions. Create and plan campaigns in the familiar interface of your platform.
Address Book
Address Book
An address book is a convenient tool for storing, updating, and managing your contacts. The sender can segment lists, add new fields and new data, and send campaigns directly from the contact list. This option facilitates the management of your communications.
The stoplist for messaging is independent of the SMS stoplist, although you can add undesired contacts to both lists if you need. We’re not sending any of bulk messages to a stop list. So you’ll save money and only send information to people who need it or want it.
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Connect Our Superpowers to Your System via API
Integrate our platform features into your platform using the REST Full API. We have developed libraries in the most popular programming languages. So it will be easy to configure the data transmission.
Read API docs
  • PHP
  • Node JS
  • Go
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • $apikey = ‘test_8zWaPwOaHDPRFmgIldhl’;
    $api = new WTC($apikey);
    $client = $api->getSmsClient(); //get one of the clients
    $balance = $client->getBalance();
  • var wtc = require( ‘wtc’ )( ‘‘ );

      balance => console.log( “Balance request completed:”, balance ),
      error => console.log( “Balance request failed”, error )
  • //Balance
    var balance = hlrClient.GetBalance()
    var hlrPrices = hlrClient.GetHlrPricesById(9)
  • try (SmsClient smsClient = new SmsClient(“YOUR_API_KEY”)) {
      //Log response
      smsClient.getJerseyClient().register(new LoggingFilter());
      //Sms prices
      PricesData smsPrices = smsClient.getSmsPrices(9);
  • import pprint
    import wtc_restapi as api
    from examples.settings import API_KEY

    client = api.SMSAPI(config={‘api_key’: API_KEY})
    result = client.send(message=api.SMSMessage(body=’test message text’),
    print(‘Result of SMS sending:\n{}’.format(pprint.pformat(result)))
  • pp client.message_create(destination: ‘phone’, originator: ‘SENDER’, body: ‘message text’,
    msisdn: ‘380660000000’, reference: ‘MyReference’)

Frequent questions
How can I use Viber bulk messaging?
Use bulk Viber messages to promote your goods and services.
It is very easy! You just need to enter the numbers identifying users. Next, set up the text and sending time.
How to activate Viber messaging services?
To start, Viber bulk message sender should activate this service separately. To do this, contact your manager for detailed instructions.
The activation procedure starts with the signing of an agreement. You should fill out a standard registration form and sign a letter of guarantee, in which you agree not to send spam.
After the agreement is signed, you should register the sender’s alpha name. You can submit this application directly from your user account.
We provide Viber messaging services on a prepaid basis. To get access to this feature, deposit a certain amount in advance, during the previous financial month. The method of deposit replenishment depends on your country. You can check it with your manager.
How to register a sender name for Viber?
To start sending messages using Viber, you should register a sender name. You can also hide it. For some countries, the registration of the sender’s name is mandatory (for example, Russian Federation, Australia, Moldova, Aland Islands).
How to add contacts for Viber messaging?
Start creating your Viber campaign with creating a list of recipients.
The methods for adding the recipients to the list are the same as for SMS campaigns.
To select recipients, choose the corresponding option:
1. Address book
2. Clipboard
3. From file and then follow the Instruction.
How to create a Viber campaign?
To create a Viber campaign, go to the Viber section in the top menu or click Create in the side menu, and select Viber from the drop-down list.
In a new window, specify the name of the campaign. It is required for the subsequent identification of the campaign, and it will be visible only to you in the list of campaigns and reports. You can go through the process step-by-step, or go straight to creating a message, and specify the recipients and the sender later.
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