SMS for eCommerce Businesses

Switch to SMS, the most rapidly-growing income channel, to streamline your virtual store.
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An affordable way to inform, up-sell and cross- sell
An affordable way to inform, up-sell and cross- sell
SMS has been with us for decades, however it’s going through a renaissance right now. If somebody has visited your landing page with a clear call-to-action, add them to your contact list for bulk texting and send them a link, for example, to text to expert.
Transactional, after-sale and membership communication
Transactional, after-sale and membership communication
Send payment data, purchase and shipment confirmations, offer value added services, birthday gifts and exclusive coupons. Set up an abandoned cart triggered SMS flow. Outstanding conversion rates of simple texting engage both new and existing customers.
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E-commerce has rapidly intercepted part of the revenue from the brick-and-mortar stores and doesn’t seem to slow down soon. It brings new expectations and fierce competition. Reviews are being thoroughly studied before buying. They make the online arena very susceptible to demand fluctuations.

Regardless of your online store volumes and how many hours you spend weekly to manage it, with advanced communications tools you will outperform the competition. Adopt SMS marketing for e-commerce websites to unclose new capabilities that revamp your marketing,  customer path, and analytics.

How Texting Can Transform Your Marketing

With up to 98% mobile SMS open rate against around 20% for email, texting is leveraged by the industry leaders to nurture the clients. Integrating texting into every journey from retargeting to shipment ensures rich end-to-end experiences and thus boosts engagement.

For one, automated SMS commerce reminders to customers who drop out of the checkout invite them to return. By 70% more sales are recovered with automated text reminders for abandoned carts. Similarly, you can return consumers to their existent wish lists. They’ll be glad to know when their desired items are on sale or running out.

Promotional messaging marketing campaigns will effectively complement website pop-up forms and paper opt-in at the events or in kiosks to build up your lead and prospects lists. To generate leads and follow them up helps text message marketing for real estate ― a field that is all about establishing and managing contacts. Estate brokers can blast texts to announce open houses, promote listings, and alert about price changes. They can handle sign-in sheets with solutions for SMS and invite people who opt-in to further conversation.

Confirm online orders and send e-commerce SMS notifications to notify about their status updates, e. g. pending service arrival, delivery time, payment reminder. Always provide short links for engaged consumers to take action ― they also enable you to track all conversions for insightful ROI analysis.

Сompleting any transaction, people normally receive mobile banking SMS: one-time passwords, 2-factor authentication to verify the payment, login or signup, and transactional updates of all kinds.

You can thank customers with a humble e-commerce SMS for their support. And encourage those of them who are pleased with your product to leave reviews on social media, Google, or other online feedback platforms. It’s a really powerful tool ― 56% of potential buyers read no fewer than four reviews before making a decision. Include a clear call to action that directs customers to the next step you want them to take.

Integration with WTC SMS Platform

Given all the above, it is clear that SMS marketing for e-commerce will propel your online store to the next level. Checkout rates will improve, and sales will convert into new leads. Your diversified marketing mix will save costs, and create outstanding user experiences.

Implementing all mass messaging infrastructure in-house from scratch takes years. Instead, a wise decision is to connect a bulk messaging application to your commercial website. Connecting an SMS service for e-commerce, you create a copy of the WTC account in your subdomain and enable access through your website. In your cabinet, you specify the details and set up your tariffs. All you need is to advertise your reseller’s website.

They will individually sign up for a personal account linked to your domain, upload their HLR-verified contact database, create messages, and launch sending. Messages will be sent automatically, either instantly, or at the time they determine. All functions of the WTC bulk SMS service will be available on their website in terms of the partnership.

Incorporating digital text message marketing in e-commerce brings plenty of advantages. You supply messages under your price rates, under your genuine brand.  WTC offers individual subscription plans for service with worldwide coverage at wholesale prices.

Useful Samples for E-commerce Messages

Here are some handy concise text templates to keep your consumers content and in the loop. Address recipients by their name, and offer them only relevant products ― those which they have already shown interest in, or something to complement an earlier purchase.

  • New customer welcoming

Hi {name}! Thanks for signing up with {store}. Take 15% off your first order by showing this message at our cash desk. Welcome!

  • Abandoned cart retargeting

Hey there {username}, some awesome products are waiting in your shopping cart at {URL}! Return to grab them now and score 20% off your order at checkout. Enjoy!

  • Upcoming sale announcement
  • Logistics SMS: an order confirmation
  • Logistics SMS: delivery tracking


  1. Hi {name}! Thanks for signing up with {store}. Take 15% off your first order by showing this message at our cash desk. Welcome!
  2. Hey there {username}, some awesome products are waiting in your shopping cart at {URL}! Return to grab them now and score 20% off your order at checkout. Enjoy!
  3. Greetings, {username}! Season sale in {store name} is nearly over! Get up to -60%  for wallets, bags and backbacks. Hurry up ― the offer lasts until Saturday, {date}.
  4. Thanks for placing an order with {store name}, {username}! We are processing it for shipping now. To check your package status, click here {URL}.
  5. Hello {username}, just a quick message to inform you that your order has been shipped and waits for you in our shop {address}. Your tracking ID is {number}. You can collect your package at your convenience after 9 a.m. We hope you like your new {product}.
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