Bulk SMS for Retail

Let your department store’s or outlet’s promotion cut through the noise of other ads from competitors. SMS marketing appears the most practical solution which people prefer.
Getting started
Drive the footfall to your shop in fast and inexpensive manner
Drive the footfall to your shop in fast and inexpensive manner
Retail stores use SMS for sending product/brand advertisements, announcements of new and back-in-stock arrivals, sales, time-sensitive vouchers, redeemable coupons, reminders, discounts, and payment notifications via SMSC gateway.
Direct conversation channel for modern consumers
Direct conversation channel for modern consumers
Over recent years, сonsumer behavior, product and brand awareness, and buying patterns have changed considerably. SMS marketing for retail is an intimate channel that malls, supermarkets, FMCG companies, outlets, and department stores can use to keep in touch.

Bulk texting in retail grows promotional outreach, strengthens brand recognition and trust, increases the frequency of repeat deals, and improves response rates.

As distinct from “hit and hope” mediums such as outdoor posters and printed ads, SMS delivers meaningful information and exciting offers in the most straightforward and digestible manner possible. Its 5-second open rate reaches 97.5%, and 90% of SMS campaign participants found them valuable. People also quickly read retail SMS messages ― over 98% within three minutes after they arrive. 

Neither a smartphone nor an Internet connection is needed to receive texts. It is a need of the moment for boutiques and discount shops to consider using bulk SMS for small business to provide loyal clientele with this utmost attention. And regardless of size, retailers globally implement this low-cost and unsophisticated marketing strategy to bring more and more customers back.

Optimize your store’s efficiency with SMS retail solutions

Modern consumers feel very busy and confronted with too much information. Time being the difference maker, it becomes necessary for retail marketers to be more sharp-sighted, direct, and updated.

Among the values of the advanced platform for retail businesses, users always name its smart contacts management features. Grouping and sorting allow to simply focus campaigns on the target demographics and have direct communication with them. Like you send a special offer of unblended wines only to those who have shown an interest to receive drink promotions, rather than to your entire customer base.

To build up a customer database, shop-owners place a keyword or shortcode in their physical stores or printed ads, so that people being ready to hear from them could opt-in. Or they create and host a branded mobile website with the subscription form.

Account registration with WTC is quick and easy, and the variety of online payment options is impressive. Once you log in, you can start sending: compose your message and enter or upload your recipients’ list. Personalization with the name and other details in retail is just as important as for SMS financial services if not more: consumers love to feel valued, remembered by their favorite brands and vendors in person on their special dates, and for no reason too. You can launch your campaign right away, or set sending schedule to ensure the messages are received at the proper time.

Boost your text messages’ performance and drive traffic to your web page by including tiny links to rich media content. Trackable short URL feature provided by comprehensive SMS retail software enables tracing click-throughs to learn valuable engagement data. It can be used to monitor your campaign’s efficiency and to fine-tune future campaigns.

Mass texting for retail comes easily with WTC. For over a decade, businesses have been leveraging our solutions to reinforce brand awareness, foster loyalty, and gain high response rates. 

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