How does the mass texting tool work?

Enter mobile phone numbers or create a contact list of the SMS recipients. Our service offers data personalization, filters and flexible segmentation. These options help to create campaigns quickly without missing anything important. It is enough to create a contact list once. Just enter a text message in a field and click the send button — messages will arrive without delay and exactly as intended. It is easier than ever to send SMS to customers — it only takes a few seconds.

Set the date and time.

Specify the Unique Sender Names. Seeing the sender, the recipients understand that important information has arrived and cannot be ignored. The presence of a message from a personalized sender in combination with the original submission will inspire an interest in the next SMS from the same person.

Add a contact list and send. The ability to add the customer’s name and other personal data to the list is also an option. With the help of this tool, each SMS message will be informative and personalized. Using the personalizations, you can create a list of loyal customers who will remember the attention of the company. This will generate a significant conversion and help build a positive image.